How wide is your drawer?

It is always best to choose a slide which meets your drawer width requirements, even though the slide load rating may be greater than what is needed for the project. We would generally recommend that the slide length is equal to or slightly longer than the drawer width.

Choosing the wrong slide for your drawer width can cause problems

A wider drawer has a negative effect on slide performance and choosing the wrong slide can result in a side-to-side racking movement that feels loose and unstable. Some of our slides are designed specifically for wider drawer applications and are therefore tested further apart. These are detailed in our product catalogue and website.

To further avoid this problem we advise, where design restraints allow, that you use a central pull handle on wide drawers. Where two handles, or one very long handle exist, the temptation is to try and open the drawer from one side only. This puts a strain on the slides and will eventually lead to problems within the slide.