Order Checklist

Before you place your order, double check the following: 



The slide length required will vary on which type of slide is being used, to check please refer to the datasheet that is available on the product page.

For under-mount slides, measure the drawer length. Slides must be the same length as the drawer to work properly.

Side Space - Did you measure the side space for your drawer before selecting your slide?

Look at the cross section drawings or the slide
thickness measurements given for each of the slides. For best performance it is important that the slide has room to move freely.

We recommend that you allow between +0.2mm
and +0.5mm over the slide thickness.
For example, the 3832 slide is 12.7mm thick,
therefore the side space should be between 12.9 and13.2mm. However, there are some slides that will need a different formula for working out the slide space., please refer to the product datasheet.

Side space

Load Rating - Did you confirm the load rating suits your drawer and your projected use?

Consider how much weight the drawer will need to hold.  Drawer slide load rates must include the weight of the drawer being used. Load rate is the anticipated total gross load of the system.

Load rating is especially important when choosing slides for heavy-duty applications


Extension - How far do you want the slide to extend?

3/4 extension: Drawer travel is less than the slide length.  Part of the drawer remains in the cabinet.

75% extension

Full extension: Allows drawer to open to the full length of the slide.

100% extension

Over travel: Allows drawer to open beyond the full length of the slide, providing complete access to drawer contents. 

100%+ extension

Mounting - Where do you want your slides to be mounted?

We have slides suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Vertical mounting (also known as side mounting) refers to when the drawer slide is installed at the side of the unit, while horizontal (or flat) mounting involves the slide being fitted to the base of the drawer unit. For more information click here


***Note that in the event you need to return an order or items purchased in error, you will be charged a restocking fee of 15%. This does not apply to consumer e-commerce purchases.