Slide terminology

Slide Terminology

In order to help you throughout your choosing process, we have put together some common terms that you may come across when reading about our products. For more insight behind the terms and what they mean, you can watch the short videos alongside each term.


A cross section is a surface or shape exposed by making a straight cut through something. All of our data sheets contain cross-sectional diagrams of our products, detailing the lengths and widths of the different slide components, as well as the spacing required upon installation.

Cross section


A detent is a catch in a machine or component which prevents motion until the catch is released or additional force is added. Our hold-in and hold-out features are created by using internal detents in the component elements.

Hold-in feature

Accuride DZ2642 with hold-in feature


A disconnect is a way of separating the inner and outer (or intermediate) members of the slide’s assembly. A front disconnect features a lever or push latch positioned near the front of the slide to allow for easy operation of the disconnect function. A rail disconnect, on the other hand, allows you to raise the drawer from the slide.


Extension or Travel

The distance that the slide moves from the fully closed position to the fully open position. Accuride’s range of stock slide products cover 75% to 100+% extension as well as two-way travel and linear products with unlimited travel.


75% extension

100% extension